Things We Have Never Experienced in Winter in Wisconsin

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running the air conditioning
getting a sunburn on my shoulders
planting things in the garden (peas and leeks and soon spinach)
porch-sitting with a beer
running in a tank top and shorts and still overheating
photographing magnolias (although not very well)
listening to frog songs in the marsh

Until now.

Happy summer spring, ya’ll.

A small winter’s poem

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Breath puffs ahead of me, envelops my face,
fogs my lenses and my brain.
Clarity finds me in the chill of a February morning
as I look up, down, ahead.
My shadow stretches across the glitter
of the frosted grass, music in my ear,
the sky dressed in its best blue.
Perfect, and happy.


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Jam Labels

Well, we got through Christmas for another year. Hooray! And relatively unscathed, too. These are a some labels that I spent an hour whipping up for a couple of jars of gifted preserves.


We spent Christmas Eve hanging out at my aunt and uncle’s country place, hot tubbing, learning to play dice, and watching the horses. I want to photograph them every time I’m there, they’re critters that I don’t get to be around that often, and they’re gorgeous and huge and full of personality. I went out in the morning with the last of a roll of Impossible Project Color Shade First Flush polaroid film. It took a full 24 hours for it to develop enough to make out the horses, and even so, it’s incredibly smokey and different from what I’d expected. But that’s the thrill of it. These shots feel so wintry, too. I wonder if they will develop even more over the next day or two?


I almost forgot to make a Christmas card this year, but was threatened with buying a box of them to get them out, and I just couldn’t be okay with that, so I managed this. I’m satisfied. Hopefully the recipients were as well.

This has really been an incredible year, full of opportunities and big changes. I’ve been looking back quite a bit over the last few weeks at what I’ve learned and created, and I’m so excited to see what the next year has to offer. Merry everything, ya’ll.

New Years, new work

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New Years Eve

We decided to throw a tiny little New Year’s party this year, so I threw together this little logo/invitation for it. The version on the right is the result of a happy accident I discovered when I previewed the native file, which shows all the layers, even the hidden ones. I love when stuff like that happens.

I also just photographed samples of a very exciting project that I worked on this summer, which has been in the wild for a while now, but I haven’t had a chance to tell you. Look for that soon!


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Shane & Courtney

Shane & Courtney

When my friends Shane and Courtney asked if I’d do an engagement shoot with them and their dogs at the Verona Dog Park, how could I refuse? It was fun, casual, funny, and a really nice autumn walk. And I think the shots came out pretty well, too.

Shane & Courtney

Shane & Courtney

Stop Motion Road Trip

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Address Is Approximate from The Theory on Vimeo.

This week has been a struggle for me. I think I may need to lock myself in a room for a day and just make art that doesn’t need to communicate something other than the noise that’s in my head, and doesn’t need to satisfy anyone but me. H’anyways, in an effort to try to regain a sense of enjoyment of anything in time for me to appreciate good food and company tonight at Friendsgiving 2011, here are some things.

First, here’s a lovely little film made as a personal project by director Tom Jenkins, made with stop motion and Google Maps Street View. I think this is an interesting concept, and I got completely invested in this when I watched it the first time. Although, I also have a personal attachment to travel and road trips. So there’s that, too. Nevertheless, watch it, it’s beautiful.

Another thing I’m enjoying today: this vintage postcard calendar journal project. Also dying to try these, but butter is not a thing I need more of in my life right now.

Really digging this album, Exurbs, its awesomeness has been on repeat and is shepherding me through this week.

Creativity and Time

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The creative industry is full of “make more work faster.” I’ll admit that I do tend to need a deadline, but no time constraint can push me to be more creative. I love the way this video illustrates that, in the most perfect way.

What I did on my summer vacation

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The first of the canning

Well, Hello!

It’s been a little bit, huh? Since I’ve posted here.

I guess I’ve been working hard and playing hard. Lots of hours in front of the computer, and then off to see music or can tomatoes or some such, and then I seem not to want to spend any more time than I have to with my favorite technological companion, the Mac. I even had a post about rhubarb ice cream all set to go, just waiting for photos, which I never took, and then it didn’t seem so relevant anymore as spring’s rhubarb season passed on it’s merry way.

So, I feel like it’s the kind of time for a “What did you do on your summer vacation” kind of essay.

I went to visit my dad in Anacortes, WA, and took him to my favorite hipster trifecta of Seattle: Serious Pie, Stumptown Coffee and Molly Moon’s. And it was splendid. We took a ride on his motorcycle to the one wavy spot in the sound, and let the sea salty wind tickle our faces. And I only took film cameras, and haven’t even thought about developing yet.

I canned a ton of things. It was the summer of pickles and jam. This recipe for gherkins turned out awesome, and I jammed quite a few pounds of sour cherries from my friend’s tree. (She doesn’t like them. Lucky me.) And I pickled garlic scapes, dilly beans, beets, hot peppers, and sour cherries, plus made some insane killer fiery hot sauce.

I got one from the garden

The Sh*tty Barn

I grew an artichoke.

I Shitty Barned almost every week, and discovering tons of new music to obsess over. Check out Blessed Feathers and Anna Vogelzang. They are on heavy rotation around here. (Anna’s on tour right now! Could be in a city near you!)


We took a short road trip out to South Dakota and bummed planless around the Black Hills and The Badlands. It was amazing. Lots more film. And lots of digital, too, just not processed yet. I finally saw wild (mostly) bison. It was incredible. And bighorn sheep, wild burros, tons of turkeys, pheasants, and pronghorn, which I learned are not antelope, nor are they related to either deer or cows, like we thought, but are their very own thing. We camped in The Badlands for a night, and it was cold. Below freezing.

Scary spiny chestnut husks, and Kerry

Vising from the north

I spent some time with some friends from the north, and learned that chestnuts do actually grow in Wisconsin.

Garlic Harvest

We harvested our first garlic.

I shot my first engagement session. With friends. I’d like to share some favorites soon.

So, please forgive me for not being present here all summer. I’ll try to be a bit better. But I can’t guarantee it. There’s still lots of work and play to be done. See you soon, and thanks, friends.

For my birthday I:

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Sat on the Terrace and drank some beers with friends
picked many pounds of strawberries
Saw Jason Mraz and Guster
made many jars of strawberry preserves
went for a 27 mile bike ride
ate cupcackes
sat on the porch

It was a good weekend.

She’s a Fickle Knitter (But Not Really)

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Fickleknitter TNNA Postcard

I’ve been a bit under the weather the past couple of days, so I guess I should take advantage of the few hours at home to post about some fun stuff I’ve been working on. I was fortunate to have Michelle Miller (Fickleknitter Design) contact me to design a postcard and trade show banner for her booth at TNNA (The National Needlearts Association) a couple of weeks ago. Michelle is a fantastic knit designer, who specifically tries to create pieces that can be made with one skein, which is great, because I know had a habit of falling in love with luxury yarn and purchasing only one, for which I never find a good. I’m sure I’m not the only knitter who does that. Plus, it’s just nice to make something small out of fiber that is fancy and luxurious, without breaking the bank to get 8 skeins for a giant sweater.

Anyway, she wanted to go in a more typographic direction, with pink and gray being her booth colors, so design-away I went, and this is what I came up with. I hear it got a great reception at the show. Shortly thereafter, she asked if I could put together a logo based on a similar look as the banner.

Fickleknitter Logo

I’m really pleased with how these pieces have turned out, but I’m even more excited to be designing her first book! I can’t wait to dig in and show it off!

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