New Years, new work

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New Years Eve

We decided to throw a tiny little New Year’s party this year, so I threw together this little logo/invitation for it. The version on the right is the result of a happy accident I discovered when I previewed the native file, which shows all the layers, even the hidden ones. I love when stuff like that happens.

I also just photographed samples of a very exciting project that I worked on this summer, which has been in the wild for a while now, but I haven’t had a chance to tell you. Look for that soon!


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Shane & Courtney

Shane & Courtney

When my friends Shane and Courtney asked if I’d do an engagement shoot with them and their dogs at the Verona Dog Park, how could I refuse? It was fun, casual, funny, and a really nice autumn walk. And I think the shots came out pretty well, too.

Shane & Courtney

Shane & Courtney

Creativity and Time

November 10th, 2011 § 1 comment § permalink

The creative industry is full of “make more work faster.” I’ll admit that I do tend to need a deadline, but no time constraint can push me to be more creative. I love the way this video illustrates that, in the most perfect way.

What I did on my summer vacation

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The first of the canning

Well, Hello!

It’s been a little bit, huh? Since I’ve posted here.

I guess I’ve been working hard and playing hard. Lots of hours in front of the computer, and then off to see music or can tomatoes or some such, and then I seem not to want to spend any more time than I have to with my favorite technological companion, the Mac. I even had a post about rhubarb ice cream all set to go, just waiting for photos, which I never took, and then it didn’t seem so relevant anymore as spring’s rhubarb season passed on it’s merry way.

So, I feel like it’s the kind of time for a “What did you do on your summer vacation” kind of essay.

I went to visit my dad in Anacortes, WA, and took him to my favorite hipster trifecta of Seattle: Serious Pie, Stumptown Coffee and Molly Moon’s. And it was splendid. We took a ride on his motorcycle to the one wavy spot in the sound, and let the sea salty wind tickle our faces. And I only took film cameras, and haven’t even thought about developing yet.

I canned a ton of things. It was the summer of pickles and jam. This recipe for gherkins turned out awesome, and I jammed quite a few pounds of sour cherries from my friend’s tree. (She doesn’t like them. Lucky me.) And I pickled garlic scapes, dilly beans, beets, hot peppers, and sour cherries, plus made some insane killer fiery hot sauce.

I got one from the garden

The Sh*tty Barn

I grew an artichoke.

I Shitty Barned almost every week, and discovering tons of new music to obsess over. Check out Blessed Feathers and Anna Vogelzang. They are on heavy rotation around here. (Anna’s on tour right now! Could be in a city near you!)


We took a short road trip out to South Dakota and bummed planless around the Black Hills and The Badlands. It was amazing. Lots more film. And lots of digital, too, just not processed yet. I finally saw wild (mostly) bison. It was incredible. And bighorn sheep, wild burros, tons of turkeys, pheasants, and pronghorn, which I learned are not antelope, nor are they related to either deer or cows, like we thought, but are their very own thing. We camped in The Badlands for a night, and it was cold. Below freezing.

Scary spiny chestnut husks, and Kerry

Vising from the north

I spent some time with some friends from the north, and learned that chestnuts do actually grow in Wisconsin.

Garlic Harvest

We harvested our first garlic.

I shot my first engagement session. With friends. I’d like to share some favorites soon.

So, please forgive me for not being present here all summer. I’ll try to be a bit better. But I can’t guarantee it. There’s still lots of work and play to be done. See you soon, and thanks, friends.


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I once had the opportunity to see Frank Chimero speak, and it was profoundly engaging. It was the best presentation I’ve ever seen, because it was more than just some dude standing in front of a room talking about what he’s done, it was someone who had really thought about what he wanted to say, and about what his audience wanted to listen to. It kind of changed my life a little bit, and so did this video. And I can’t wait for this book.

I’m a finisher

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For Him

This past couple of weeks have been awesome for me and finishing things. That mustard sweater, the website for Prickly Pear Creative, and look! I finally finished this scarf for my husband, too!

So here’s the story: I told him many many moons ago, back when I still thought knitting scarves was entertaining, that I’d make him a scarf. I got some yarn that I thought he’d like, and he liked it, and I cast on a pattern that I’d used for a couple of neckwarmers. But then I started knitting sweaters, and scarves became So Boring. And I just wasn’t feeling the pattern with the yarn. It’s a beautiful shade of Manos, and it’s thick and thin, and the pattern wasn’t really showcasing the yarn like I thought it should, and as a long scarf rather than a short neckwarmer, I realized that it would curl too much and just be a tube, and who wants that?

Manos Cables

So I put it down. For a long time. I don’t even know how long. Then I picked it up and ripped it out and started over at least 3 times in different random stitch patterns that I pulled out of the ether (corners of my mind). I thought maybe seed stitch would be the winner, but alas, it wasn’t. None of them were. It was a lame, boring scarf that I didn’t want to knit.

I finally finished this scarf

He really wanted it, though, and had waited a long time for it. So as a last ditch effort, I turned to Jared Flood, who has never let me down. He recently published Pavement, a manly scarf that still has cables to keep it interesting for the knitter. Seemed like just what I needed to finish this project. I only had two skeins of yarn, and sort of believe in less bulky scarves, so I opted to alter the pattern slightly and reduce the width by about a third, knitting only 2 center cables rather than three. It turned out just the right length by doing so, and was engaging enough for me to stick it out and finish it, finally.


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Isla smiles

My neighbor asked if I would do a photo shoot of her daughter Isla to mark 3 months, as she’s not a fan of those mall photo studios but has enjoyed my work, so we spent 15 minutes on my porch, which has the best light of anywhere near
our houses.


It was fun and challenging and I told her not to expect much as I haven’t really ever photographed babies, but these turned out pretty good, I think. Mom was thrilled when she saw them and has apparently been passing my name around to all of her mommy friends. Maybe I’ll have the chance to do some more of this!

In other news, I’m putting together a few things for the shop, some postcards, maybe some polaroid prints, a couple of jotters and possibly a little painting or two! Sort of an indian summer collection, to celebrate what summer gave and what autumn has in store. I hope you’ll like it!

In which I wax poetic and don't know where this is going.

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I am bored. Fantastically bored. Bored with myself, my voice, my search for existence, bored. I wanted to write yesterday, but I didn’t write yesterday because of that little voice in my head that says, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Quite right. That’s the mom voice, isn’t it? I don’t know if my mom ever actually said that to me, and I’m not a mom myself, but it floats about in the ether as something mothers say, doesn’t it?

It’s the beginning of another day and I haven’t yet plunged into the depths of despair (I’m rereading Anne of Green Gables, can you tell? I’m all “depths of despair” and “kindred spirits” and “bosom friends” up in here.) so I’m pouring some words out while I still have the strength.

I tried to write a poem yesterday. Or, at least it sort of turned itself into a poem after staring at me for awhile. This is what I got:

Wispy weeping willow branches swaying in the breeze
The constant “whoosh” sound of the ocean
Nothing comes
Moments of clarity, of hope
They are far between

Yeah, not a rhymey poem, obviously. What the heck, right? I couldn’t just post that on it’s own, but it seemed to need to be free from the drafts bucket.

In the meantime, I’m knitting little red and pink hearts to stuff with wool and Nate started training for a half marathon.

You know the only thing I want to do when I’m bored? Eat. Which is not really the best thing for me, especially when I decided to put off my Sunday run for Monday and then it was raining really hard on Monday afternoon and so I didn’t go for my run, and then the next two days I had plans after work and then suddenly it will be another week between runs.

What do you do when you’re bored?

I Should've Known

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I have fallen ill. A cold. I started with a bit of a sore throat yesterday, then it moved up to my nose, and today have progressed to the aches. It is not a good time for me to be sick, but is there ever a good time? I suppose not. I haven’t been sick in a long time. Long. Like, I don’t even remember the last time I was sick, so I should have known it would get me sooner or later. And of course when I am super busy. Oh well.


I press on, though, just at a slower pace.


Poker Night

September 1st, 2007 § 1 comment § permalink

Poker night

We went on over to P+K’s place last night and some poker playing and general shenanigans ensued, leading to much beer consumed, lots of laughter, and my winning the first game. This is only of note because I really don’t play a whole lot of poker, and betting, checking, and anteing are not part of my general vocabulary and knowledge set, and there was a whole lot of me asking, “What am I supposed to do right here?” Nevertheless, I came out of game one with the pot. Hm, go figure.

Poker night
Taken by The Husband

I was not so skillful in the second game, but The Husband stayed in it til the end, getting second. After that, we played 2 games of Euchre, and by the time my beer was finally gone and we were done playing at the same time, it was 3am. Good golly, I haven’t stayed up that late in a LONG time.

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