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Jam Labels

Well, we got through Christmas for another year. Hooray! And relatively unscathed, too. These are a some labels that I spent an hour whipping up for a couple of jars of gifted preserves.


We spent Christmas Eve hanging out at my aunt and uncle’s country place, hot tubbing, learning to play dice, and watching the horses. I want to photograph them every time I’m there, they’re critters that I don’t get to be around that often, and they’re gorgeous and huge and full of personality. I went out in the morning with the last of a roll of Impossible Project Color Shade First Flush polaroid film. It took a full 24 hours for it to develop enough to make out the horses, and even so, it’s incredibly smokey and different from what I’d expected. But that’s the thrill of it. These shots feel so wintry, too. I wonder if they will develop even more over the next day or two?


I almost forgot to make a Christmas card this year, but was threatened with buying a box of them to get them out, and I just couldn’t be okay with that, so I managed this. I’m satisfied. Hopefully the recipients were as well.

This has really been an incredible year, full of opportunities and big changes. I’ve been looking back quite a bit over the last few weeks at what I’ve learned and created, and I’m so excited to see what the next year has to offer. Merry everything, ya’ll.

Morel Season

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The best combination (by pricklypearbloom)

The place that I went to knit on Friday night with some friends had morel and asparagus quiche. I got the last piece. And it was such a great combination that I bought some morels for myself at the farmer’s market and made scrambled eggs with morels, asparagus and feta cheese for lunch on Saturday.

Snails (by pricklypearbloom)

I found one vendor that had them for a slightly lower price than everyone else, and I think it’s because they weren’t washed. Which is totally fine, because I don’t mind doing a little work, especially to save a buck on something that is pretty pricey. And you know what we found in one of those morels?A teeny tiny itty bitty cutest-thing-ever little snail! It was about a sixth of the size of my thumbnail. Tiny.

Also, morels are really good grilled. That’s how we ate the other half of them on Sunday evening.


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At a friend's

Always watching (by pricklypearbloom)

I went to a friend’s house for the first time a couple of weeks ago for dinner, and you know how there’s something about a first visit to someone’s home, and you find yourself sort of exploring? Not looking through their medicine cabinet style exploring, but visually discovering hidden treasures in their knickknacks, wall art, even furnishings and pets. I had the camera with me and couldn’t help but shoot. I’m in my own space so often, that it sometimes becomes difficult to find inspiration or the small everyday beauties around me, I forget to look at the things that I surround myself with, but when I get into an unfamiliar place, especially one that is so personal to someone that I know well, I start to see things in a different way.

Ivory Figurines (by pricklypearbloom)

Whiskeykeh (by pricklypearbloom)

Enzo (by pricklypearbloom)


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Muffin ball (by pricklypearbloom)

It’s been kind of a crazy few days around here. I spent the afternoon at the emergency veterinary clinic yesterday with my kitties. They got into some ibuprofen and I had no way of knowing how much either of them may have ingested, so off we went. I brought one of them home, who was least likely to have actually eaten any, and left the other there for 48 hours of fluids. She was fine when I left here there, and the doctor seems optimistic that she will continue to be fine, but of course I’m so worried about both of them.

Thanksgiving was great, though. We had friends over on Tuesday and it was a blast, and then we had my husband’s siblings and their peeps over on Thursday, and there was much merriment, and really very little stress. I really love hosting holiday meals, it is so nice to be in charge of how to make the mashed potatoes.

And now it’s almost December, and that’s just crazy. Maybe next weekend we’ll get a tree. I like to wait at least a week after Thanksgiving before even thinking about Christmas, but the lights are going up around the neighborhood.

Action! Adventure!

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My quiet morning at home got a little more exciting the other day when I heard a loud high pitched squeak and some rustling coming from the other room. It sounded like a chipmunk had found its way into the house, and I wasn’t quite sure what I’d do about it if that was the case, but luckily, I didn’t have to deal with chasing any woodland creatures around. I went to investigate to find my kitty carrying something in his mouth. My first thought was that they’d finally gotten the squeaker mouse out of the middle of the toy that they’ve been working on for awhile, but then I realized that this was a real mouse.

Good kitty! We haven’t seen any rodentia in the house since we moved in so I kind of thought it was a sealed fortress, but I guess not. I’m always so proud when the the cats do their job so efficiently.

Nari caught a mouse

He carried it from room to room and finally dropped it in the mudroom where I caught one action shot right before it ran and bounced stage left into the dog’s water dish and he caught it again. I felt sort of bad taking it away from him, he wanted it so badly, but it was alive and seemed like it might make it if I let it go, although it had a potentially fatal wound to the head. But it calmed down and looked at me like the lifesaver that I was for a moment and didn’t jump at my face when I took the lid off the container I caught him in. And then hopped sprightly across the street to go have more adventures. Dodged a bullet on that one, little mousie!

Running with the pack

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Three's company

My brother in law and his family were on vacation last week, and we had their two dogs at our house to keep track of them for two days. The first part of the week the hounds hung out at my sister in law’s. It’s totally fair for us to take them, though, because they have taken our dog on so many occasions, from overnight excursions when we couldn’t bring him along to weeklong journeys that we were lucky enough to save the money on boarding him.

Ruby is our dog’s sister, and Roxie (actually, it’s “Rocksy”, and it’s a long story, but when I say it in my head I see “Roxie” so that’s what I’m going to write) is Ruby’s daughter, so for those of you as confused as I am right now, the tally is three yellow dogs who are all related. Our house isn’t tiny, thank goodness, but in my estimation, that amounts to a pack, and they all move about the house like a sea of labrador. When I got home from work on Thursday afternoon our whole house smelled like dog breath, and the stereophonic panting was mind boggling. And unfortunately for everyone, Roxie was at the end of her cycle and our dog doesn’t really understand what incest is. I know. Ew. I wish I could fully explain to you the chaos that was our house for 48 hours.

Here are all three of them in a rare moment of stillness. The rest of the time, the cats were totally freaked the hell out.

Kitten Mischief

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Yellow Painting (by pricklypearbloom)

There’s a flickr group for Erin’s yellow week, it’s pretty great.

No swingy earrings today, and I am missing them.

Also, I came home yesterday to discover that I’d left the box of safety pins open, and the cats (probably one in particular) had taken leave to strew them about the house. Now I keep finding them sporadically. Not only that, but out of convenience I’ve been keeping my bobbins in the same box, since the quilting is happening in the dining room instead of the room where the majority of the sewing supplies are, and of course 3 or 4 of those have now gone missing. And they’re clear, so they are impossible to find! I would rather load up 5 bobbins at once than have to wind the same bobbin every time it runs out, so I guess I’m off to buy some new ones.

I have been trying to do a bit of quilting here and there and move forward. Soon, SOON!, I will flip the quilt and be working on the second half. I swear. All of this quilting is making me just want to do some simple piecing, but I am too lazy to want to rethread the machine with normal non quilting thread and needle, which is ridiculous, but I never claimed to not be ridiculous. Maybe I need two machines, one for quilting and one for other stuff. (JUST kidding honey!)

Thinking about wanting to grow my own sprouts.


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Three gourds (by pricklypearbloom)

Down that dusty road (by pricklypearbloom)

I pushed myself to shoot manual all weekend. For months I’ve been shooting on aperture priority, meaning I tell the camera how much depth of field I want, and the camera then does the work of figuring out how long to expose. I think I’ve been itching to do some learning for awhile, and this was an exercise that flexed that part of my brain. And practicing light metering and figuring out the appropriate exposure manually rather than letting the camera do half of the work caused me to slow down a little bit, which was nice. I feel more responsible for my images this way.

"We are born charming, fresh and spontaneous and must be civilized before we are fit to participate in society." (by pricklypearbloom)

I also realized that I finally am starting to know this stuff. It took so many years of trying and quitting and trying and quitting again and trying and barely understanding to get to a place where I could learn the nuts and bolts of photography, and I’m finally to a point where it is starting to come without thinking. That’s a good feeling.

Hide and Seek

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In wait (by pricklypearbloom)

Still sick. Thought maybe I’d feel marginally better today, but no such luck. Quite unfortunately I have to go out of the house at some point today to drop of my ADDY entries. And it’s of couse snowing, so I’ll have to sweep off the car and brave the roads. Ugh. How does that saying go? “Starve a fever, feed a cold?” Or “Feed a fever, starve a cold?” Or wait, how does that relate to the flu? Because I think that’s what I’ve got.

Here are some gratutitous kitty pictures and a small story as I blog from the couch.

Peeking (by pricklypearbloom)

The kittehs have taken up a nightly routine of roughhousing in the bathroom while we brush our teeth and get ready for bed. We’ve got these dark sheer decorative curtains, and Lucy will hide behind one of them. She can see past the sheer fabric, but she’s essentially hidden within the folds. But, we see her feet, and her little head swivelling behind the curtain watching us and Nari. I really think she thinks we can’t see her, because otherwise why would she continue to “hide?” It’s a pretty funny little game.

Or maybe she just likes looking like a baboushkah. (I have no idea how to spell that and am too tired to google it.)

Proxy Sleeping

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There are times in our lives when we just can’t find enough time to sleep. I know you’ve had them. I’m ensconced in one right now. My final semester of school, an internship and preparing my portfolio are keeping me extremely busy and are constantly running my brain at capacity. I’m not getting enough hours of z time, going to bed later than normal, getting up just as early as usual.

And it sure doesn’t help that Lucy wakes me up multiple times each night. Putting her paws in my face. Sitting on my neck. Purring in my ear. Nibbling on my shoulder. Chasing my earrings. Licking my nose. Digging her claws into my skin as she makes biscuits. Putting her paws in my face again. Again, and again.

I’m not a napper, but this week I could really have used a nap at some point.

Yesterday The Husband mentioned that he wished he could proxy sleep for me. Wouldn’t that be great? If other people could sleep on your behalf so that you could still get things done and not be exhausted all the time? I mean, as he qualified it, there are people out there that could seriously sleep All. The. Time. And there are other people, like me, who really like sleep, and need a certain amount of it, but would be perfectly happy if they didn’t need that much of it so they could watch movies and knit and cook and sew and create and do homework. A stand in sleeper. Just a few hours, so that I don’t need them.

So, I’m taking applications. If you have some free time for napping, or just going to bed early, to catch a few more hours of sleep for me, I’d really appreciate it. If only that would work.

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