Instant Gratification

January 17th, 2011 § 14 comments


Sometimes you just need a project that will go quickly, and give you what you need without too much fuss. And that was just what I needed after the baking and wrapping and traveling and partying of the holiday season. And boy was this ever quick. My friend Jaala was so kind as to gift me a bunch of pink Rowan Big Wool that she’d started a sweater with quite awhile ago, and then abandoned because she realized that big bulky wool wasn’t something she was ever going to wear. So it came to live with me. About 5 skeins of it. I didn’t have quite enough to make some giant thing with it, but I found the perfect project for how much I had in the Modern Garden Cardigan. I originally found this super cute one, knit in the same yarn, and was instantly sold.

I borrowed some size 15 needles from a friend, and set to work, finishing the body in 4 days. 4 days! It was staggering how fast this yarn knit. Then I stalled for a couple of days while I looked for another set of 15s to work the arms. Once I gave in and bought a pair, I was finished in just over a week more. It was such a nice contrast to the other sweater I’m working on in DK weight on 6s, which is much slower going.

Modern Garden Cardigan

I modified the pattern just slightly in the same ways as did the knitter who inspired me to make this, knitting the short rows into the stockinette instead of the garter collar, and knitting rows 13 and 14 twice in the yoke section for extra length. In the end I didn’t really need that extra length, as the armpits are now a bit too long, but it’s not a big enough deal to feel the need to fix. My buttonholes are all over the map, since while I was busy knitting super fast, I totally forgot to count my rows. I eventually moved the bottom button up an inch for aesthetics, since I’ll never button that one anyway. I knit the size small, as the sweater is meant to be worn with a good amount of negative ease.

I love this sweater. My only qualm is that the shaping in the leaves at the hips (plus the bulky yarn) sort of accentuates my extra curves there, and the leaves don’t lie all that flat, but I still feel that this sweater is pretty flattering nonetheless. If I made it again I might try to modify the lace pattern in the bottom section to be a bit trimmer, and maybe add a couple of stitches to the ends of the arms and then decrease them into the lace, as they are pretty tight. I even love the pink, even though I probably wouldn’t have chosen it on my own, I love it anyway. Thank you, Jaala, for the opportunity to make this! Click over to ravelry for more pictures, if’n you like.

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