St. Joseph’s Day

March 23rd, 2011 § 4 comments


Healthy Veggies

I had the opportunity to experience my first St. Joseph’s Day last weekend. I went down to Rockford with my good friend, who comes from a Sicilian descendant family, and we all went to one of the local families’ houses, where they had this giant feast. I’m not religious at all, but it was fascinating to experience the alter of offering to St. Joseph, the ritual of “feeding the saints,” and the concept of feeding anyone who wants or needs a meal with no payment. I brought home a dried fava bean for good luck, and I think so far it’s delivering.


Zammuto' Drive In

And then we went and got granitas and shopped for odd food at the italian deli and the grocery store that caters to the big ethnic population of Rockford. It’s still hard to believe that there is such a large group of diverse people there, whose families hail from all over the place. So cool.

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  • Ann says:

    My grandfather’s name was Joseph, and St. Joseph is my mother’s favorite saint. We’re German/Irish, though, so I didn’t know about this feast day. How cool!

  • Cicely says:

    It’s particular to Sicilians, especially the ones from the New Orleans area. It was always one of my favorite holidays – kind of like a pasta thanksgiving.

    Beautiful photos! The granita sign turned out pretty cool. I’ll have to send those to my mom.

  • Beautiful pictures! I love the Zammuto’s sign too. It’s funny, I never saw it the way the picture showed it. It was just a sign when we were kids and now it is a beautiful memory. My best friend worked there as her first job.
    I am glad you had a good time, it was our pleasure to show you around. Also, I wanted to say that St. Joseph’s Alters are done because of a favor granted, or a favor needed. It’s about thankfulness. i love the feast too.

  • Amy Kortuem says:

    Hi Tracy – LOVE the new blog look! I’m just getting around to catching up on my favorite blogs after my big harp performances for St. Patrick’s Season 2011. Hope your new job is going well!

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