The Experience of New Things

June 14th, 2011 § 0 comments


One of the things I like most about being a graphic designer is that I sometimes find myself in situations where I am either learning a whole bunch of stuff about something that I never would have learned about, just for some project, or I have to figure out how to get something made that I’ve never made before.

Business Card

I have been working with my hair stylist for a couple of months on some printed materials for her new business, Cuture. We did business cards, and then some postcards to mail to her clients announcing the change. Turned out she also needed to get a vinyl sign for the glass door of her studio. She had been referred to a company that makes these things, but it turned out that they were really more marketed toward people who want to put words and photos on their home walls, not businesses with logos. We couldn’t customize the sign to match the graphics that I’d designed for her, and that just wasn’t acceptable.

So I grabbed the reins. I’d never had something like this made before, so I did a bunch of research on them, and then found a few places to get quotes from. Turns out, people have these things made all the time! Go figure! So a sign printer in town quoted me out and I had them printed.

I picked it up and brought it over to install at Cuture’s studio. The sign printer gave me instructions on how to install this thing, but it was nerve-wracking. I followed everything they told me, and it didn’t seem to be sticking. Even after an hour of drying, the circumstances were the same. So I decided to leave it overnight and check on it the next day.

That’s when I had an anxiety-fueled dream about the whole thing, which involved me going over there, pulling the backing tape off, to have half the sign peel off the door, and I couldn’t fix it.

The window decal

Luckily, that was only a dream, and when I went back in reality, it had dried just fine and adhered just like it was supposed to. Big sigh of relief, though. And now the next time I have a client who needs a custom-cut vinyl sign for their window, I know from experience that it’ll need 12-24 hours to dry, but that everything will be fine, and I don’t have to have scary dreams about it again.

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